19 February 2008

Wolverine Vs Spock!?

Yesterday, I was reading an article on IESB.net about Star Trek's new release day being close to that of Wolverine... Bad move they think (for Trek). Anyways, the article mentioned a comic book crossover between Star Trek and X-Men iin the 90's. WTF!? This was the first I had heard of such a crazy idea. What a bizzare crossover. I guess it was successful enough to warrant a crossover between X-Men and The Next Generation. Did anyone read this?

Who do you think will win the box office showdown? and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Whats next? Superman vs The Smurfs?


vaultdweller13 said...

I really can't predict which one will do better. Star Trek has a strong name and fanbase behind it but I don't believe it's last couple movies have done so well. The Wolverine movie not only stars one of the most popular mutants (which is ridiculous) but comes on the tip of the Marvel movie tidal wave.

Speaking of the Wolverine movie, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool!? Just shoot me now and get it over with. The Merc with a Mouth deserves better than him and also deserves to be the star in his own movie, nay, trilogy of movies.

MothandRust said...

I have the Trek/X-man... it came with some cool poster pages. Fun book