15 March 2008

The Friends and Foes of Batman - Nocturna

Not one of the more popular foes, Nocturna has never been featured outside of the comics, but she nearly made the cut for Batman: The Animated Series as a vampiress.

Natalia Knight had a hard childhood. She grew up on the streets as a beggar. She was eventually found and taken in by Charles Knight who became her adoptive father where she lived the life of luxury.

She has a passion for astronomy and the night and eventually found a job at Gotham City Observatory but whilst working there one night she became victim to a radioactive laser which drained her skin of all pigment leaving it a pale color. It also rendered her sensitive to light.

After Charles Knight was murdered, she discovered that her lifestyle was funded by criminal activity. It was then that she met Charles' son, Anton who fell in love with her. They both decided to keep the inheritance and took it upon themselves to keep them in the lifestyle they grew accustomed to by burglary since Natalia needed expensive medical equipment to treat her pigmentation.

Anton having spent much time in the orient proved to be a highly capable martial artist who dressed himself as the Night-Thief for his nightime raids whilst Natalia operated behind the scenes as "Nocturna", Mistress of the Night. However their burglary soon brought them into conflict with Batman.

After several clashes with Batman, Anton was captured and sent to prison but Nocturna remained free and continued her life of crime along with a new ally, Nightshade (Not the superheroine). Nocturna would conceive the plans of robbery and theft, Nightshade and his people would carry out the crimes. Once the scheme had run its course, Nocturna called it quits. During this time, she became an intimate friend of both Bruce Wayne and the Batman, something that made both lives more complicated. She also became like a mother figure to Jason Todd, the second Robin and even adopted him.

Meanwhile in prison, Anton finally escaped and after being rejected by his beloved Nocturna, Anton changed his style and became the murderous Nightslayer. He killed Nightshade and for a while, the Nightslayer even traded identities with a delirious Batman. After being betrayed one time too many by the now more moral Nocturna, Anton vowed to kill her. However, it never came to that as Nightslayer was captured by Catwoman and Nocturna having been stabbed was last seen being put into a balloon by Jason Todd which he then set off into the air.

The Dark Knight returns in 132 days!

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