11 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Downloaded (2x18)

We finally got a chance to live a day in the life of a Cylon skin job. We catch up with Baltar's old honey (CapricaSix), right after her resurrection. She awoke in a goo bath and as it turns out she isn't quite the seductress that Baltar sees in his head. Even more interesting, she sees a Baltar that no one else sees, and he is also an exaggerated idealized version of the original. CapSix and the real Boomer team up and decide that the Cylons shouldn't kill man, they should love him. Big shift in Cyclon strategy, but they still won't just let the fleet go.

We also see Samual T Anders alive and well, terrorizing Cylon coffee shops.

Sharon has her baby on Galactica, but Roslin dupes her and replaces the baby with a dead one while anonymously adopting out the real halfbreed to an anonymous woman named Maya. This makes Sharon very mad.

A fantastic episode that gives us some idea of what the Cylons have been doing, and what they think. Such a well done, pivotal episode. 5 out of 5 goo baths.

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