06 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Epiphanies (2x13)

The episode opens with Roslin on her deathbed. During her dying, she realizes that she saw Baltar and the Cylon on Caprica before the attack. Uh oh, hes about to be President. Ironically, Baltar doesn't want to be President, so he also waxes epihanetic and realizes the fetal blood from Boomer 2's baby could me a miracle cure. It is, Roslin's cancer goes into remission.

Also, Baltar, in love with the freed Cylon from Pegasus AKA Pegasix, AKA Gina, gives her a nuclear warhead as a token of his affection. This will end badly...

A fairly slow episode, with a miracle ex machina that I didn't really buy, though it was nice that Roslin could hang around a little longer. It just seemed contrived. Still, as long as she dies before they get to Earth, I guess their Bible remains true. 3 out of 5 antigenless blood cells.

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