02 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Final Cut (2x08)

After the long Kobol arc, we get a one-shot story about the making of a documentary about the people of Galactica. This is intended to give a human face to the people responsible for the massacre under Tigh's leadership. The story in the episode is kinda loose. Mainly, it is about one of the involved soldiers wanting to kill Tigh over the guilt he feels for being part of the massacre. We learn that the former nugget Kat is dealing with addiction to stimulants, and we also learn that Boomer 2 is having some complications with pregnancy. But most of all we learn... (wait for it) that the documentarian D'anna Biers is... the 6th Cylon. We will see more of her.

Not bad for a stand alone episode, I especially enjoyed hearing the Colonial Anthem AKA original series theme play during the film. 3 out of 5 reunited fleets.

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