02 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Flight of the Phoenix (2x09)

The crew needs a diversion from non-stop work. So naturally, their hobby involves making a new fighter, from scratch. The Blackbird brings hope to the crew who have suffered through so much, and naming the ship Laura after the President that the fleet is beginning to embrace, was an emotional scene, for the characters and viewers. This little bird is gonna come in handy in a few episodes.

The B story involves a virus that has been infiltrating the ships systems ever sense Gaeta's frak up at the beginning of the season. The only way to clear it is to format the hard drives. But the Cylon's have timed an attack to coincide with the virus. Luckily, the Boomer in the brig volunteers to help. She sticks a fiber optic cable in her wrist, and broadcasts a virus back, which debilitates the Cylons. Easy pickins.

I really enjoyed this episode, especially for the ending where Roslin sees the ship named for her. She has a couple weeks left to live, unless a miracle cure is found... and this is a touching way for the crew to show her support. Also, the final product is quite sleek. In all, this episode earns a strong 4 out of 5 Cylon viruses. Up next, the Pegasus arc!

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