13 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Lay Down Your Burdens (2x19-20)

After 6 months of rag-tagging it, Starbuck and co finally draft a plan to return to Caprica to save Anders and co. Anders is rescued, and another Cylon is revealed (Brother Cavill, the faithless priest). One of the raptors accidentally jumps to the wrong coordinates and discovers a barely habitable planet, hidden in a nebula. Baltar rallies the fleet around the idea of settling the planet and "living."

In close race, Roslin wins.. oh wait, her adviser rigged the election. Baltar is elected President. They settle New Caprica. Also, the Cylon Gina who Baltar had given the nuke, finally decides to end her misery to forever forget her brutalization. Cloud 9 goes boom!

1 year later, after no sign of the Cylons, most of the fleet had moved to the planet. Starbuck married Anders, Lee married Dualla and got fat. Adama grew a mustache. Then the Cylons show up, having traced the nuclear detonation. Pegasus and Galactica, unprepared for battle, jump away. Baltar surrenders to the "benevolent dictators."

For an episode 2.5 times longer than normal, this was pretty good. It played like a little movie and had plenty of time to build to the surprising occupation ending. This New Caprica arc played out very well and supplied some classic sequences. 5 out of 5 Battlestar Iraqticas.


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