04 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Pegasus (2x10)

Like out of a dream, the Galactica is alarmed by the sudden arrival of a the newer, bigger, and better armed Battlestar Pegasus commanded by the Admiral Cain. At first its all love, then the fleet starts to realize that the tough as nails Cain runs things her own way, and is pretty ruthless... like a razor. She transfers Starbuck and Apollo under her command and orders interrogation of Boomer 2.

It turns out she has her own Cylon captive, which has been beaten and raped into a catatonic state. Boomer is about to get the same treatment, but Helo and Tyrol interfere, accidentally killing the raper. They are tried and sentenced to death. Adama gets pissed, and demands a new trial. Cain refuses. The episode ends with the two ships launching vipers at each other in a prelude to a seemingly inevitable conflict.

This is a perfect episode. It begins with ethereal music mirroring the glee experienced by the fleet at finding new allies, and new hope. Things sour quickly, and we realize that even though the Cylons are machines, what we humans do to them, defines us. Even if you cannot rape a machine, the deeds done were evil and cruel. The ending is incredible tense, and having to wait months for the resolution was painful. 5 out of 5 winged horses.


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Dragulf said...

3 out of 5 cylon farmers. LOL.