22 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Razor

The "present" of Razor takes place between The Capatan's Hand and Downloaded during Apollo's early command of Pegasus, but much of the movie fills in Pegasus' back story from the attack to the present through the yes of the new Pegasus XO, and Cain disciple, Kendra Shaw.

We see things that had previously been alluded to, a narrow escape on D-day, the infiltration of the crew by the 6 model Gina, Cain killing her own XO for failing to carry out a near suicide run, and most chilling, the slaughter of civilian family members to facilitate in the stripping of civilian parts and people to carry on the war.

The main story involves a rescue mission of missing crewman, captured by a remnant of original Cylons who are performing experiments on human beings. We learn through an Adama flashback, what atrocities they were performing 40 years prior.

This is a brilliantly conceived movie that gave everyone a little more Cain to hate, filled in the details of the rumored Pegasus past, and offered a gleeful look at retro Cylons who even uttered, "By your command." We may not like Cain or Kendra, but we do respect them.

Also, at the end, the Cylon hybrid warns the ill-fated Shaw about Starbuck, an ominous warning for us viewers as we proceed into season 4.

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