06 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Resurrection Ship (2x11-12)

Starbuck returns from her unauthorized surveillance mission with the blackbird in the middle of the the showdown between battlestars. Alarmed by an unidentified ship, the fleet postpones their staredown, and decides to deal with the execution after their upcoming mission.

The mysterious ship that has been following the fleet is the resurrection ship - when Cylons die, they are transmitted and reborn here. Without this ship, their "soul" would be lost since they are so far away from home. Destroy the ship, and the Cylons may not be so brazen.

Anyways, Starbuck is promoted to CAG of Pegasus for her daring. They plan an op to take out the ship, and Adama gives her a special mission to assassinate Cain (Boomer Style) during the celebration. This plan is Roslin endorsed, fearing Cain will strip the civilian fleet and carry on the lost war.

During the fight, Apollo is shot down. He decides death wouldn't be so bad, but he gets rescued. He gets depressed and begins a pointless downward spiral that will culminate in him eating a lot of twinkies. The mission succeeds, but Adama doesn't go through with his asassination plan. Luckily for him, Baltar let the Six clone out of the brig. She, being quite disgruntled and suicidal, finds Cain and kills her. Adama gets promoted to Admiral. Well done sir.

This was a pretty good pair of episodes. This Cain arc was great, and led to the flashback movie Razor, since we all wanted a little more Cain. 4 out of 5 dead admirals.

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