08 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Sacrifice (2x16)

This stretch of season 2 just really slowed down the show's pace. I guess the fleet's hearts weren't really into the search for Earth yet, but they had, at least temporarily, evaded the Cylon threat. So Here is another look at the fleet tearing itself apart from the inside.

A woman takes over a restaurant on the Cloud Nine and demand that Boomer 2 be turned over to her. This lady hates Cylons. Among the hostages are Apollo, Billy, the President's young aid, Dualla (the woman they are both now fighting over), and Ellen Tigh. Starbuck (conveniently also on Cloud Nine, because everyone seems to be on vacation) tries to storm the restaurant with some marines. Oops, she shoots Apollo. Adama decides to turn over Boomer, but the dead one, not the love one. At this, the hostage takers get mad. Billy dies trying to defend Dualla. But the Terrorists also get theirs.

This was better than Black Market, but was still kinda pointless. Billy was likeable enough, and it was dumb for him to die to show his bravery. The new president's aid isn't as doe eyed, but then again, she is also a Cylon...

Overall, entertaining drama, but a little light on the "Galactica" factor. Might has well have been some cop show. Also, a little too convenient that all our "favs" were on this other ship at the same time. And why did Starbuck accidentally shoot Apollo? She wasnt drunk or anything. I guess we are supposed to see that she is losing her edge. Also, once again, Apollo doesnt get the death he wants. 3 out of 5 Cloud Nine hostages.

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