08 March 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Scar (2x15)

The day in the (short) life of a Viper Pilot. Galactica is involved in a mining operation, but a couple of pesky Raiders are hanging out, picking off Vipers. Kat, one of the nuggets in episode 4, decides she is the new top dog and is in Starbuck's face over every decision and every loss. Finally, the two of them go out and hunt down the Red Baron of Cylons AKA Scar.

There was some good action in this episode, and also a nice rivalry, too bad Kat wasn't a little less annoying. The overall plot didnt move along too much, but this was better than the episodes before or after it. Kat was right though, Starbuck is hardly a model citizen and I would prefer that she was not my superior officer. 4 out of 5 scar faced Cylons.

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