11 March 2008

Ink Blots - Justice League: The New Frontier

If the idea of silver age heroes battling a flying island that shoots dinosaurs sounds appealing to you, you will love this movie. If the idea sounds lame, you may still actually enjoy the movie, aside from the climax.

New Frontier is an adaptation of a graphic novel, which I admit I have not read. The story revolves around a mysterious presence known as The Center AKA dinosaur island , which is "coming." There are several cool acts to start the movie. We see the Flash take down Captain Cold, and we see lots of silver age Hal Jordon GL and Martain Manhunter, peppered with classic Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. In fact, we see Hal get his ring. All of these scenes are cool, but they certainly seem to jump around a lot as they "built" to the finale. Once dinosaur island shows up, we are transfered from a mood piece, to an action one. The action is good, but no single scene really stands out.

The music was good, and I overall enjoyed the movie., but I am getting tired of origin stories. Give me some established heroes at their prime. I will say this though, much more than the marvel DtV's it earned its PG-13 rating, both thematically and bloodwise. There is a great scene involving the invisible jet and some blood. I think I would have appreciated the details more if I had read the novel, but fo the most part to me this was a great nostalgia evoking movie that was a tad too short. Having said that, it was deeper than the typically alien invasion stories of Ultimate Avengers and Secret Origins. I certainly will keep buying these movies whereas of the Marvel ones, I am growing tired. I think this one would also benefit from a rewatch, but for now, it gets a B+.


VaultDweller13 said...

I haven't seen it, but my brother was telling me that Aquaman is only in one scene apparently?

Chip Chief said...

oh yeah, Aquaman is barely to be seen