17 March 2008

Radar Blips - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The Year: 1989

The Players: Indiana Jones, The original James Bond, River Phoenix, a really old knight, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and lots of rats.

The Take: $197 million

Wait, wasn't this his "last" crusade?: The last crusade was actually a reference to the medieval religious conflicts often fought in the Middle East.

Why you should see it: Its Indiana Jones. Need I say more? Well its got a nice look at young Indy, including the origin of the chin scar. There is a good dynamic between father and son, a nice fight against a tank, and many dead Nazis. I particularly enjoyed the three trials to get the grail. Good stuff. The movie is pretty fast paced and even if its not the best of the trilogy, it stands head and shoulders above the Mummy and National Treasure franchises.


finky the kid said...

Some Indyfans are pretty hard on Jones' third outing, but it seems to be the one with the most "heart"...which isn't what IJ is necessarily about, but there's still something to appreciate about it.
I also love the score to LC. It's quite different from Raiders, which is hands down one of the most phenomenal pieces of music ever written and performed, but resonates on a deeper sentimental level throughout more so than eithe rof the other Indy scores.

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