06 March 2008

Radar Blips - Labyrinth

The Year: 1986

The Players: Jennifer Connelly, David Bowie, a bunch of muppets, and Warwick Davis as member of the Goblin Corps. Directed by Jim Henson, and produced by Lord George Lucas.

The Take: $13 million

What power?: The power of voodoo

Why you should see it: This is a classic film with so many memorable characters and traps. There are the doors of which one always lies, and one tells the truth, the helping hands, and of course the Bog of Eternal Stench. There are talking dogs, and big friendly monsters. Of the Henson movies, this is tops, much faster paced than the also good Dark Crystal, but also clever and imaginative. If only they made movies like this today as opposed to things like The Last Mimzy.

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finky the kid said...

Alright! I loved this flick as a kid. Still do.