06 March 2008

Spider-Man is Coming

This Saturday morning hails the end of The Batman (my wife cheers) and the beginning of The Spectacular Spider-Man (my wife weeps).


Kurtis said...

I am really looking forward to this show. I love the character design for Spidey. Kinda retro, kinda new.

However, I've never seen that second picture that you posted. Is that supposed to be Vulture? It looks terrible!

Chip Chief said...

that, sadly is vulture. I read that they were trying to limit the number of green villains, so they "reimagined" vulture.

Dragulf said...

Parker is a senior(?) in high school. The show looks good. I like Parker's banter but his nose looks weird, like a chunk is missing.

Oh, and he has mechanical web shooters.

Kurtis said...

I'm glad he has mechanical web shooters, and that Mary Jane isn't in the series...yet.

It looks like it's sticking closer to the comicbooks.

I taped the episodes and haven't watched them yet. I hope to do that today.

Anonymous said...

Did they make the Vulture's nose big enough? yeesh.

Chip Chief said...

kurtis, i have them on DVR too. Between them and The Batman finale, I have some catching up to do.