19 April 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Crossroads (3x19-20)

Woah! 4 of the final five are revealed as our beloved one-eyed Tigh, Tori, Anders, and Tyrol. They discover who they are while tuning in to a mysterious remake of Bob Dylan's All along the Watchtower (seriously). Baltar is acquitted. Turns out his only crime was cowardice. He really did cause the annihilation of his race during the initial attack, but it was inadvertent and there was no charge on that or proof of it. The blanket pardon issued after New Caprica pretty much assured his release. And Adama was the swing vote. Oh, and Starbuck returns!

Lots of revelations and shocks. Season 4 is going to be great.

5 out of 5 shocking revelations.


Chris S said...

What are the odds that 4 of these 'final five' cylons just happen to be on Galactica? (Presuming that the 5th one isn't.)
I'll reserve judgement until later on, but this just seems like a quick fix to end the series prematurely.
I really enjoyed the first 2 seasons, and pretty much most of 3, but i really dislike where the series is heading now.

Chip Chief said...

I understand what you are coming from, but it sorta seems implied that many of these critical figures guided the developments and survival of the humans (perhaps subconsciously). The 4 were all involved in the resistance as well.

Anyways, Anders didnt just happen to be on Galactica, and Tori didnt either, they both did wind up there though as you stated. It is possibly a bit contrived, but it doesn't bother me as long as it plays out well.

I will admit though, that I suspect the writers had no idea who the 5 were until fairly recently. Maybe they had planned Tyrol, there are clues for him, but the others seemed somewhat drawn out of a hat.