04 April 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Torn (3x06)

OK, tonight is the premier of season 4, so some of these may be brief.

This episode introduced the prophetic Cylon hybrid. Baltar helps the Cylons on thier quest for Earth. He leads them to a beacon, but the beacon has a virus on it that infects the Cylons. Fearing spread via resurrection, the infected are abandoned. Cyclops Tigh and Starbuck are ornery, complaining that New Caprica was worse than anything. They stir up contention among their rescuers. Adama benches them until they get their acts together.

I liked the built up of this episode. The search for Earth is finally underway. What will Galactica do with the sick Cylons...?

4 out of 5 cases of encephalitis.

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