19 April 2008

Radar Blips - Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Year: 1981

The Players: Han Solo, Big George Lucas, Steven Spielberg

The Take: $242 million

Is this about Noah?: No silly. Its about the Ark of the Covenant, a Bible relic that allowed Israel to win in battle... Something the Nazi's wanted to do too.

Why you should see it: If you havent seen this movie yet, you must be like 5 years old or from another planet. The first sequence alone, Indy navigating South American traps to get a golden idol, is worth the price of admission. Other fantastic scenes are Indy's single handed take over of a truck filled with soldiers, a snake pit, and the opening of the ark. Not sure if Indy 4 will live up to this one, but hopefully it gives us some memorable moments as well.

1 comment:

finky the kid said...

Oh, so much more than a "blip."
It's funny how trailers from 20+ years ago had score music from the actual movie instead of temp stuff from other movies, like they normally do now.