08 April 2008

Radar Blips - The Shadow

The Year: 1994

The Players: The first Jack Ryan, Galdalf, and Tim Curry

The Take: $32 million

Is this another comic book movie?: Why yes. This one came out in the 90's and was criticized for riffing on the Burton Batman style. The Shadow was actually created in 1931, 8 years before Batman.

Why you should see it: I was interested to see this as it was listed as one of Entertainment Weekly's 20 Worst Comic-Book Movies Ever. I actually thought the movie was not bad. I think Alec Baldwin is a weird superhero, but the story was sort of interesting. It actually reminded me a lot of Batman Begins (though mot as good). Anyways, I am a sucker for Superhero movies, and this was a good one using telepathy. I imagine it is better that a Dr Strange live Action film would be. If you enjoy period movies like the Rocketeer or Sky Captain, you may very well like this one. A new Shadow movie may be coming soon, aso why not catch this one first?

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