21 April 2008

Summer 08 Box Office Predictions - Part 2

Continuing from Part 1,

In round 2, I present some movies that oughta be big. Especially refreshing is the lack of sequels in the bunch. That factor may limit their overall takes, but should add to their enjoyability. Here we go:

6. Iron Man - $210 Million - May 2

The ferite man will officially kick off the summer. Every thing about promoting this movie has been flawless. Perhaps they have given too much away, but what I have seen looks amazing. People who never heard of or cared about Iron Man want to see his flying with jets and blowing crap up. And Robert Downey Jr adds credibility to the film. Opening first is a huge advantage as well with only the cheesy Speed Racer challenging in week 2. I am hungry for a good superhero film and this one looks to deliver. I haven't seen this one yet, but I am already looking forward to Iron Man 2. Look for Batman Beginsish numbers and big success in Marvels first self-produced film.

5. Wall*E - $230 Million - June 27

The last couple of years, I have over predicted on Pixar's movies, but I am still a believer. If they can take a potentially disastrous premise of a rat chef and make one of the greatest films of the year, what can't they do? My hesitation is that sci-fi and animation have never been a big sell, but then again pirate movies also used to be sure to bomb. The trailer hasn't sold me either, but Pixars trailers have never done the movies justice. Expect performance similar to Cars with a moderate opening and huge repeat business.

4. Hancock - $240 Million - July 2

This is the 1/2 superhero film I eluded to before. Will Smith is a down and out Superhero with a generic name. While it could be this year's My Super-Ex Girlfriend, and though it does not really excite me, NEVER underestimate Will Smith who may very well be the biggest star in America today. He turned I Am Legend into a huge hit, and could do the same here. I feel that I may be over predicting here, as the Superhero genre is saturated with well known brands, but like I said before, the Fresh Prince must not be underestimated. Owning July 4th should help too.

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