22 April 2008

Summer 08 Box Office Predictions - Part 3

Continuing from Part 1, and Part 2, here are the big 3. And true to form, none are originals proving the reason why we can always count on sequels galore:

3. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - $255 Million - May 16

No one is as fond of Prince Caspian as they are of The Lion, Witch, Etc. The first did very well, but opening in the Summer may have been a mis step for Narnia 2. Its got tough competition all around and has to share Memorial Day with Indy 4. It will still do well, the trailers are pretty good, but I just can't see it out performing part 1.

2. The Dark Knight - $260 Million - July 18

Batman Begins justified the "another batman movie" that no one thought we needed. It was overwhelmingly well received and the promise of the Joker (especially with the unfortunate tragedy surrounding Heath Ledger) should draw in huge crowds. Maybe a bit dark for some of Spidey's younger fans, but still should be big. This is my most anticipated of the Summer, and I suspect that I am not alone in that sentiment.

1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $305 Million - May 22

The movie to be beat is Indy 4. I still remember my anticipation of Indy 3. Honestly I was probably more excited back then than I am now, but thats only to say I was a huge Indy fan even as a kid. The factor I do not know is how today's kids feel about Indiana Jones. If they like him, this will be huge. If they think that he is "dad's version of the Mummy," this one may not be so big. No matter what, this will be big and hopefully Indy won't be this decades Jar-Jar. But how big is the question. 305 is my conservative guess, though that makes '08's biggest pale in comparison to the big boys of '07.


The Krausologer said...

Entertainment Weekly posted their summer office box office predictions in their last issue. I say post them both so we can see you go head-to-head against them. It would be a fun and interesting experiment (they have The Dark Knight coming in 6th... so I'm with you!).

Chip Chief said...

Good idea