09 April 2008

Upcoming Disney / Pixar Film Logos Revealed

Here they are folks, the post Wall-E films for the next 4 years. Are there any Chicken Little's in the bunch? Or are we dawning on a new golden age?

Bolt - November 26, 2008 - The story of a dog of the same name who thinks he has superhero powers

Up - May 29, 2009 - The story of an unlikely 78-year-old adventurer and his 8-year-old sidekick

The Princess and the Frog - Christmas 2009 - Set in 1920s New Orleans

Toy Story 3 - June 18, 2010 - The toys get donated to a day care center(?)

Rapunzel - Christmas 2010 - A girl trapped in a tower with long golden hair which is the only way for anyone to climb up to her

Newt - Summer 2011 - A story of the last two blue-footed newts on the planet that aims to show that love is not a science

The Bear and the Bow - Christmas 2011 - An action-adventure about a royal family in rugged and mythic Scotland

Cars 2 - Summer 2012 - Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater bid to take on the world’s fastest cars

King of the Elves - Christmas 2012 - Based on a 1953 short story by Philip K. Dick about a band of elves living in the modern-day Mississippi Delta who name a local man their king after he helps save them from an evil troll

1 comment:

j said...

Hmm...based on what little I've heard about these, I'm most excited about:

Princess and the Frog, supposedly a return to "classic" Disney;

Toy Story 3, I've enjoyed the TS Crew so far and would argue that TS2 was better than the original;

Rapunzel, when I saw this one I was surprised that Disney hadn't done this one already. Seems right in the classic Disney wheelhouse.

I'm intrigued about King of the Elves, since I've read it. The idea of Cars 2 makes me die a little inside. Cars is near the bottom of Pixar's line-up IMO.