26 May 2008

Radar Blips - Dragonslayer

The Year: 1981

The Players: Probably no one you have ever heard of, except a small role by a young Darth Sidious.

The Take: $14 million

Was this a video game?: Nope. That was Dragon's Lair, the Don Bluth animated video game staring Dirk the Daring.

Why you should see it: There really aren't too many dragon movies out there. This is one of the better ones with an impressive dragon, especially for 1981. Take that Eragon. Really, not too much happens, but the dragon is cool and the film is surprisingly dark for a Disney production. And slaying dragons (there are some babies that get decapitated) always makes for a good time.


Anonymous said...

Noone we've ever hear of? He's not a mega-star, but lots of people know who Peter MacNicol is.

tanja said...

One of my favorite dragons -- loved it when she got angry. Which was kind of all the time. Still think about the flying scenes, too; even though I haven't seen the movie in years. Saw it originally at the theater, too. Twice, I think. Because of the dragon, not the actors. :)