06 June 2008

The Babylonian Captivity - Midnight on the Firing Line (1x01)

So, these guys that look like meaner versions of lizard Ferrengi's (Narns) and the "feather heads" (really just long hair that sticks up AKA Centauri) used to be at war. The lizard people attacked the feather heads and the other species on the Babylon 5 station disprove, but are wary of getting involved because they are all war weary.

So far, I am not blown away. The effects are horrible. I am sure at the time they were "cool" but no way were they good. All of the space cut scenes were CG and cheap CG at that. I mean stuff that would look bad in a Mentos commercial. That really took me out of any of the "tense" moments. But the make-up on the aliens is surprisingly good - aside from the bad hair makes me an alien species.

The music and cinematography also are pure cheese. Still, the show wasn't too bad. It kept my attention in spite of not knowing who all of these characters are - and there are a ton. Don't worry Babylon 5 fans, I will give the show a chance. I remember it taking a while to get in to most of the Trek series, so I imagine that the best is yet to come.


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