06 June 2008

Box Office Showdown: Panda vs Wall*E

Behold the box office earnings (in millions) for Pixar and Dreamworks (CG films only). You may need to click it to get a good view. Of course Dreamworks is green for Shrek and Pixar is blue because I like blue.

Thus far, both companies have released 8 films and they will be duking it out with their 9th releases this month. I think most people would have to give Pixar the edge in quality as their weakest A Bug's Life still mightily swats the Dreamworks gaffes Shark Tale and Shrek the Turd. As for earnings, the little green ogre of Dreamworks has kept the race pretty close.

Personally, I expect WALL-E to widen the gap over Kung Fu Panda, but early Panda reviews are strong... so who knows. Also, Dreamworks has Madagascar 2 this fall, while Pixar doesn't release its next (UP) until next summer. So come Christmas, Dreamworks may be in the lead moneywise.

What do y'all think?


j said...

I think it would be interesting to compare the box office takes of each studio vs. the budgets. Is Dreamworks paying more to make more movies? From what I read recently, it sounds like Pixar/Disney is going to start cranking out sequels and direct-to-video stuff, which sounds like a bottom line kind of move to me.

j said...

Oh, looks like its eight movies a piece. I guess what I meant to say was, "Is Dreamworks paying less to crank out craptacular stuff like Shark Tale?"

Chip Chief said...

i am pretty sure the dreamworks ones are cheaper, but the pixar ones are selling way more toys. i didnt see a lot of bee movie toys.

Dragulf said...

The site looks great Chip! Go Pixar!