27 June 2008

From the Studio that Made Chicken Little, its BOLT

The trailer has arrived for Disneys Bolt starring Hannah Montana and John Travolta.

This looks ok, the hamster may be funny, but I never have gotten used to Disney's new style. I don't really know how to explain it, but I guess I just wouldnt expect to see Bolt, or Chicken Little, or any of the Robinsons walking down Main Street at Disneyland... or if they were there, would anyone care? I felt the same about Treasure Planet. I was at Disneyland after that came out, and I just couldnt really believe that space pirates belonged there. Now the Mulan and Lion King parades on the other hand, fit in perfectly during their time.

The quality of the movies notwithstanding, they just, of me, dont have that magic touch. On the other hand, I could see Wall-e or Remy the Rat being mobbed in Tomorrowland. Maybe it just boils down to fairly generic character designs in the Disney CG films. They need to get back to their roots with fairy tales and leave the animal antics to Dreamworks.


j said...

Seems like its just a mish-mash of elements from Toy Story (a la Buzz's not knowing that he's a toy) and the Incredible Journey, and maybe some other stuff thrown in.

Chip Chief said...

I got that Incredible journey vibe too, and Underdog. Actually, this may have been better as an Underdog movie than that live-action one they made last year.