25 June 2008

How is the Hulk Sizing Up?

The Hulk is not exactly "Red" hot, but is set to cross the $100 million blockbuster mark today (well, actually based on yesterdays earnings). Hulk SMASH! Using data from BoxOfficeMojo, I compared The Incredible Hulk to other midrange Marvel films. After 11 days, Incredible Hulk is slightly behind Hulk '03 but is earning more per day (Hulk earned $29 million from day 11 on). Incredible Hulk is also almost tied with Rise of the Silver Surfer, but is also outpacing that film (Silver earned $32 million from day 11 on). Lastly (if you arent bored yet :) ) Incredible Hulk is keeping pace with Fantastic Four, which from day 11 on earned another $51 million. Taking all of these exciting numbers into consideration, it seems like Hulk will land somewhere near $145 million. So, will this be spun as a hit, or bomb? Its still too early to say.

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