25 June 2008

Marvel's Gone Bananas

For today's story that made me go WTF!? click over to EW.com. In the spirit of Marvel Zombies and Marvel Babies, Marvel is launching some sort of alternate line of monkey characters. This is odd. Does this sort of stuff really sell? I mean I can almost understand the zombie concept, ALMOST, but apes? Whats next? Marvel Wizards? Marvel Star Wars? Marvel Leprechauns?

Anyways, here are a couple of sneak peaks including Spidey Kong:


VaultDweller13 said...

It hurts to see Miss Marvel drawn like that.

Chip Chief said...

Speaking of hurting, it would hurt for those banana claws to rip through wolverines hands.

finky the kid said...

It looks and sounds like a bad idea to us, but I supposed advance word of "Spider-Ham" from the 80's would have appeared the same way back then. Though, doing it with one character seems relatively harmless for the Marvel brand. Doing Marvel teens/babies/zombies/monkeys (zombies is actually kinda cool, though) just seems like dillution of brand and not anything people will look back on with amusement, if nothing else.

Chip Chief said...

Finky, I vaguely remembered this Spider-Ham after reading your comment so I looked it up , and apparently Marvel has always been a little out of control.

Thanks for the chuckle.