17 June 2008

The Mediocre Hulk Opening

Click on the image to see how the Hulk opening compares to other Superhero openings. If Hulk avoids the disastrous drop off of Hulk '03, the movie should be on course for about $150 million. Lets just see how they spin this. Hulk '03 made $132 mil on a budget of $137 mil and was deemed a bomb. This one cost $150 mil, so would $145 mil be a "hit?"


Lee said...

I think V for Vendetta needs to be included among the DC statistics. The comic is published through Vertigo, DC's alt. comic imprint.

Chip Chief said...

The issue that I have not completely resolved is if it should be listed with superhero movies or not. You are right though, it is DC and by leaving it off, maybe I am being unfair to old Detective Comics. I will have to think about it again.