11 June 2008

Pandas are the New Penguins

Remember when penguins were all the rage? There was March of the Penguins, then Happy Feet, then Surf's Up, and even Farce of the Penguins. Well, its 2008 now, and after the success of Kung Fu Panda we will be getting subjected to a whole lot more of panda pandemonium, but in the form of copycats or knock offs but as endless sequels. Apparently, according to Jack Black, the Kung Fu Panda saga was conceived as a six part tale. Um, ok. I do want to see this first one, it sounds like it was pretty good, and part 2 could be good too I guess. But by the time we get Panda Turd, and Panda goes Fourth, I just don't know if this story can sustain itself.

And where the hell is The Incredibles 2?


Kurtis said...

This movie is fantastic. It is everything that past Dreamworks movie were not. Great story, great cast, great animation.

Having said that, there are some movies that deserve a sequel. This is not one of them. I hope there is never a sequel to this film, it is perfect the way it is, but given that studios (especially Dreamworks) try to milk every penny out of their products I don't think this will be the case.

Also, I saw a pre-screening for Hulk and it is just as fantastic. Incredible even.

Lucy! said...

Dreamworks did this with shrek..

Shrek the original was fine, shrek the sequel was pushing and shrek the third was pants.