09 June 2008

Radar Blips - Back to the Future

The Year: 1985

The Players: Michael J. Fox, Chris Lloyd aka Professor Plum (not Colonel Mustard), Lea Thompson, and Crsipin Glover AKA Grendel.

The Take: $211 million

Did they really go to the Future?: As Eisenstein might say, it depends on your point of reference. Marty McFly really just went back to the present, but to those 1950's sock hoppers, he was going back to their future.

Why you should see it: 1.21 Jigawatts(or to us "giga")! This is quite a genre spanning film with comedy, romance, and scifi elements all brilliantly mixed together. Its funny and exciting. It also does a pretty good job of explaining paradoxes without waxing too geeky. You gotta love the De Lorean, Libyians, the Enchantment Under the Sea intro to Johnny B Goode, and the high voltage clock tower finale. If there is anyone out there who actually hasnt seen this movie, what is wrong with you?

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