16 June 2008

Radar Blips - Batman

The Year: 1989

The Players: Beetlejuice, John Joseph "Jack" Nicholson, and Kimmy Basinger

The Take: $251 million

Bat Nipples?: Not yet, this was the Tim Burton goth style Bat dude.

Why you should see it: In 1989, this was the greatest comic book movie ever (but really there was only this and the Supermans). Batman Begins redefined the Batman films, but this one is still strong. Michael Keaton is a surprisingly good Batman (though his Bruce Wayne isn't as good). Jack as the Joker is another great performance and the Joker origin is iconic (but dont get me started on the Joker as killer of the Wayne parents, boo). And Batman's toys are cool. I especially enjoyed the scene were the Batwing flies in front of the moon. Also, whenever I see Batman in any incarnation, this movie's theme music will come to mind. There are some unbatmanlike things in this movie (guns, killing, etc) but overall this was a great showdown between two of comicdoms juggernauts

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