11 June 2008

Radar Blips - Æon Flux

The Year:

The Players: Charlize Theron - Mr. F

The Take: $26 million

Does this have anything to do with the flux capacitor?: Doubtful. Her name is Æon, not sure about the Flux.

Why you should see it: This movie was surprisingly not too bad, though my expectations were pretty low. Its got a decent concept dealing with this oppressive government that controls the last city on Earth and some rogues that want to overthrow them. The action is also pretty cool as are the set designs. There is even another assassin (did I mention Æon was an assassin) that replaced her feet with hands for double chick fight deadliness. Its not really like the cartoon too much though which made some people mad, but I for one prefer Charlize to the scrawny skeleton chick from the cartoon.

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