30 June 2008

WALL-E Avoids Imminent Destruction

We all know that Wall-E opened strong and will carry on the flawless record of Pixar studios for producing hits, BUT the real amazing perspective comes if you look at the history of Animated Sci-Fi. The only films of that genre that didnt bomb were Lilo-and Stitch ($145 million) and Robots ($128 million). Disasters included Disney's very own Atlantis and Treasure Planet. Treasure planet earned $38 million on a budget of $140 million. Oops. That movie also has the distinction of killing traditional animation at Disney. Its performance convinced the Mouse to go CG and to churn out fare like Chicken Little.

Other notable disasters include Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (devestating loss of over $100 million of SquareSoft, killing their cinematic pursuits), The Iron Giant(Bye bye Warner Animation), and Titan A.E. (killed Don Bluth's chances of a comeback after Anastasia) I am sure people can come up with all sorts of explainations for these films failires, but the fact is that WALL-E has done something pretty significant. This could easily have been the one to end Pixar's streak, and though it remains to be seen how well the film will do, it looks like WALL-E will safely take first place in this sub-genre littered with disappointments and bankrupted studios.

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Obiah said...

What really kills me is the Final Fantasy Movie. I went to a screener for the unfinished version of the movie (missing a bunch of CGI) and when we broke for the focus groups we basically told them it was shit and that they should rewrite it.

Believe it or not, it was even worse before they made some cuts. I really don't know what they were smoking when they made this movie.