20 June 2008

Radar Blips - Back to the Future II

The Year: 1985

The Players: Michael J. Fox as old Marty, young Marty, Marty Jr, and Marlene, Chris Lloyd aka Professor Plum (not Colonel Mustard), Lea Thompson, and an expanded role for Daniel Stern as Biff, old Biff, young Biff, and Griff. Oh yeah, and a new Jennifer swapped out with Elisabeth Shue, but Marty didn't notice.

The Take: $118 million

Did they really go to the Future?: This time they did to 2015. Also to alternate 1985 and "back to the past," 1955.

Why you should see it: This is essentially 3 mini-movies. The first part (2015) is a fantastic peak what people in 1985 thought our time would be like, complete with the fantastic 80's cafe and Max Hedromesque Ronald Reagan. The middle portion in alternate 85 is intriguing, but not quite as good as the beginning or end. The third act, back to 1955, creatively and masterfully revisited the first film from alternate angles. This is was a lot of fun and the final scene of Marty running to Doc Brown just after the first De Lorean got sent back, was a perfect cliffhanger. I also just noticed a hint at how Marty beats Wild Bill Biff in BttF3 via a Western being watched by 1985 Biff on TV. Clever indeed.

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