20 June 2008

Yeti Another Mummy Movie - TheTrailer

Couldn't resist the abominable snowman reference. Now say what you want about the Mummy movies. They are cheap rip-offs of Indiana Jones, then again Indy 4 was a cheap rip off of itself from what I hear (I have seen the Nuke the Fridge scene on youtube - Yikes!). But they are also pretty fun. Even the Scorpion King was a decent sword and sandals romp. I proudly had all three on DVD until the unfortunate incident with Allied.

The main problem is that the films all retcon each other. In Mummy 2, all of a sudden Evie was reincarnated and Brendan Frasier had some tatoo he had never noticed that made him the chosen one!? Also, now the Mummy who almost destroyed the world in part 1 was a minimal threat that needed the armies of hell to be powerful!?!? In Scorpion King, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson AKA The Scorpion King is a good guy. Huh!? Because if I remember right he was an evil tyrant in Mummy 2. Maybe you are only meant to watch one of these movies because alone they aint bad (aside from pygmy mummies).

Anyhow... This Mummy 3 looks actually pretty good. Don't worry, there is an all new Evie with new personality and a grown up kid to keep the retcons alive, but any movie with a sasquatch or albino sasquatch cousin, gets my vote. Check out the trailer:

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