07 July 2008

The Babylonian Captivity - Chrysalis (1x22)

I won't lie, this was a pretty good episode. The effects were still horrible, but a lot of the seeds planted during the season started to sprout. Londo AKA featherhead is in deep with this Morden guy. Morden tells Londo to tell his people that "he will take care of a border dispute" with the lizard faces AKA Narn. Then Morden gets some venomlike ships to effortlessly annihilate all of the Narns in the area. Londo is a hero to his people.
Bald lady spins a coccoon, and Security chief Garibaldi uncovers a plot to kill the president but is shot (not fatally) before being able to prevent the assasination.

Good stuff all around.


As for Season 1, way too much sowing of plot points and too little reaping, but I am hopeful for Season 2. The characters did start to grow on me and I always looked forward to watching the next episode, though I am not yet to the point where I would consider repeat viewings.



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