17 July 2008

The Babylonian Captivity - The Coming of Shadows (2x09)

This episode shares its title with Season 2, marking it as "important." Also, I read that this episode won the Hugo award in 1996 beating Apollo 13, Toy Story, Twelve Monkeys, and the excellent episode of Deep Space Nine, "The Visitor." So basically I was expecting a lot. And though winning the award may have been a bit undeserved given the competition, this was a really good episode.

Basically, the dying Featherhead leader wants to apologize to the Lizard Faces for their past oppressions and wars. Lizard Face G'Kar, so moved by the apology, dropped his previous plan to assassinate the leader and reaches out a hand of friendship to Featherhead ambassador Londo. Little did G'Kar realize that Londo was at that very moment making a play for power. In order to insure that he and his cronies rose to pwer when the emperror died, he called in another favor from his mysterious buddy, who summoned the Shadow ships and destroyed a Lizard colony. The episode ended with Lizrd war being declared against the Featherheads.

I was really impressed at the payoff here. Its been a long time coming and this was a pretty compelling story that should affect the series for a long time to come. And was it my imagination, or were the effects actually a little better? Last years commander also made an appearance, so I guess he is still part of the show. We will see how big a part he still has to play, but for now he is a leader of a speacial forces group, undercover on B5.

Good stuff all around 5/5.

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