25 July 2008

Brave, Bold New Footage

The folks over at Superherohype.com have posted a video first look of The Brave and the Bold animated series starring Batman. I also want to thank my friend over at AnimatedSuperheroes.Com for his continual coverage of this and other upcoming shows. Between these two sites I have scored some great new images from the series. At first I was terrified that this would be Superfriends all over again, but I am starting to get excited about the show. The footage shows Batman teaming up with Plastic Man, Red Tornado, and The Blue Beetle against the likes of Gentleman Ghost and Grodd. I like the idea of some of the unknowns getting a chance to shine outside of the comics. The animation looks great, aside from the dorky Green Arrow design, and this could be a fun way to go, as long as it doesn't get too silly. Lets just hope this series is better than that last season of the Batman which similarly featured Batman team-ups, but was pretty boring.

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