27 July 2008

X-Fails Due to a Dark and Stormy Knight

Dark Knight has unbelievably zipped up to the chart to 2nd place and is poised to claim number 1 by tomorrow, a spot it will be unlikely to lose this year. During its first 10 days it has set an incredible number of record including the highest cumulative total for each of those 10 days, highest opening weekend, highest 2nd weekend (dethroning Shrek 2) and fastest to $100, $200 and $300 million bucks. With #601 million, its doubtful that Titanic will be giving up its #1 all time position any time soon, but #2 Star Wars: a New Hope with $461 million is in real danger of being knocked down to #3.

X-Files opened, and no one cared to believe. It earned a paltry $10.2 million. Step Brothers did better with a modest $30 million.

Iron Man is still holding off Indy for number 2 and just may win that battle.

Hancock is about to overtake the Panda after just passing into the sweet $200's, but Wall-E now looks unlikely to catch that agile black and white bear. Still, Wall-E should have enough gas to surpass Ratatouille's low $200 number.

The Incredible Hulk is mere dollars ahead of '03s Hulk and doesn't have much more to give. Spin that how you will. Hulk has also kept his spot on my chart for one more week.

Next week is the Mummy, which looks like it could be another guilty pleasure.


#1 Iron Man - $314,905,000
#2 The Dark Knight - $314,245,000
#3 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $313,626,000
#4 Kung Fu Panda - $208,972,000
#5 Hancock - $206,371,000
#6 Wall-E - $195,235,000
#7 Sex and the City - $150,854,000
#8 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - $139,745,459
#9 The Incredible Hulk - $132,543,000

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