20 July 2008

The Dark Knight Returns, In Style

Batman is now the holder of the all-time weekend box office record with The Dark Knight's take of $155 Million. Just like that, The Dark Knight has passed up total earnings of Batman & Robin, and should pass Batman Returns total by tomorrow. One of Batman's casualties was last week's winner Hellboy II, which must have suffered from Batman wooing away its similar core demographic. Hellboy dropped 70%+ from last week, proving that opening a superhero movie 1 week before Batman was a boneheaded idea.

Indiana Jones continues to close in on Iron Man, but at this point, it seems the two will be fighting over 2nd place because Batman will likely take the summer crown. Hancock and Wall-E continue to aim for $200 million and the Incredible Hulk looks to eek out a total just above '03s Hulk.

Next week has Step Brothers and X-Files, neither of which should register in this top 9 list, but Wanted will probably jump back on dumping of the Jade Giant.


#1 Iron Man - $314,360,000
#2 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - $312,584,000
#3 Kung Fu Panda - $206,506,000
#4 Hancock - $191,504,000
#5 Wall-E - $182,476,000
#6 The Dark Knight - $155,340,000
#7 Sex and the City - $149,864,000
#8 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - $139,500,699
#9 The Incredible Hulk - $131,764,000

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