02 July 2008

Hancock is Here

Kicking off Superhero month is Hancock. I think its safe to say he will come out on top of Hellboy 2, but can Will Smith give the smack down to The Dark Knight? Dare I ask, can he challenge Iron Man. Bad reviews suggest nay, but never count out Big Will. Another interesting question, can the unknown hero Hancock top the recent mild earnings of our oldest hero Superman? Box office experts are suggesting that Hancock will collect around $120 million or more by Monday. Thats quite a chunk of change, and we shall see.

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j said...

I saw this last night at a 9:45 show that was less than packed. I actually didn't even realize it had already opened, but some friends called and asked if I wanted to go.

As for the movie, there (happily) was a lot of plot that wasn't hinted at in the trailer. Still I would say it was only good not great.