19 July 2008

HOLY Opening Day Record Batman

So, we knew The Dark Knight would do well, but it is blowing away all expectations with an estimated $66 million dollar opening day. That figure is more than Batman Begins made in its entire opening weekend. This figure puts the Dark Knight as the largest opening day and largest single day earnings ever, dethroning last years Spider-Man 3. By tomorrow we shall have an idea if The Dark Knight can also overthrow the weekend record, also set by Spider-Man 3, of $151 million. Also, it looks like The Dark Knight may end up being 2008's champ upsetting Indy and Iron Man. Yowzers!

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Sir Simon Derek Chesterhampton said...

I love him. He is the first gay Batman. See this movie. He is our gay Batman brother. I love him so much. He is so very handsome.