09 July 2008

Ink Blots - Kirikou and the Sorceress

Kirkou and the Sorceress is a lesser-known French-Belgian animated film based on an African folk tale. The titular character, Kirikou, delivered himself from his mothers womb, and could already speak and run (very quickly by the way). Kirikou becomes a champion for his village by facing off against the oppressive Sorceress Karaba and her robot-like minions.

Other than his ability to speak and walk, Kirikou doesnt have any special powers, but he uses his size and cunning to help the village by crawling though water holes and tunnels and hiding in hats to give advice to the grown ups. The movie is charming and the character of Kirikou is quite endearing. What also makes this films special are the colorful and flat animation designs that perfectly fit the film setting. A disclaimer: there is a lot of nudity here - though the film is only as offensive as National Geographic magazine... so you be the judge.

Though the plot may not be too complex, there are great morals and themes presented. This is a real treasure of a film that really deserves a wider following and appreciation. A-

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