28 July 2008

Pixar Knows Whats Up

Say what you want about Pixar, but they know what kinds of things will get kids excited about their movies, even if the movies aren't strictly for kids. Take this new trailer for example. The movie UP features an old dude traveling to South America in a house attached to hundreds of balloons. Oooooooooookay. Sounds strange and mildly lame. But my kids have already watched this balloon filled teaser a dozen times and my one year old kicks and screams with excitement at seeing those helium filled "balls." Once again Pixar has picked a central object to capture the kids imagination ala toys, bugs, monsters, fish, superheroes, cars, and robots (rats not so much, though Ratatouille was incredible). Here is to hoping that Up can stand proudly among Pixar's other masterpieces.

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