29 July 2008

Radar Blips - Batman & Robin

The Year: 1997

The Players: George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell as Bats and Robs and Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl with Ahnuld and Uma as villains and some rubber nipples.

The Take: $107 Million

Is this the one that added Robin to the mix? No, in spite of what the title may lead you to believe, Robin joined the dynamic duo in the previous film, Batman Forever. This one did add Batgirl though, and featured Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane. A better title for this movie may have been "Lets Ruin Batman vs Lots of Villains: The Movie + Robin and Batgirl Too."

Why you should see it: To appreciate how far we have come. When this film nearly ended Batfilms, I hated it, but now that Batman lives on, I am going to be honest and risk ridicule by saving that I kinda enjoy it. It is horrible, but its one of the best bad movie I have ever seen. Watching it is hilarious, especially with groups. Its hard to believe they were really trying to make a good movie. There are countless shots of Bat butts for no reason, far too many "ice" puns, bouncy plastic icicles, and even a cringe worthy American Express tie-in joke. Also, Alfred once again lets someone into the cave, this time Batgirl for whom he has already crafted a custom suit. Its crazy that this is the same character as was featured in the Burton and Nolan films. That is the great thing about Batman. He has been imagined in so many different ways and seeing some of the bad versions make the good versions seem all the more masterful. Sadly, these versions of Freeze, Ivy, and especially Bane (dumbed down to a very poor man's Hulk-like idiot) deserve to be redone sometime, though probably not in Nolan's current interpretation.

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j said...

I'm pretty sure this was the first or second movie I ever saw on opening night. (Can't remember if it came out before the re-release of Star Wars or not) Needless to say it was disappointing. I haven't watched it in its entirety since. We were cracking jokes throughout, in the theater. Bat Zamboni?!