14 July 2008

Radar Blips - Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

The Year: 1986

The Players: Crew of "Trek Classic," and the mom from Seventh Heaven (oddly the Dad was in Star Trek TMP).

The Take: $110 million, the only one to crack $100 million.

Is this the Whale one?: Yep. This was the Trek that crossed over in to mainstream for having an environmental, though not heavy handed, message about "saving the whales."

Why you should see it: People can't get enough Star Trek Time Travel. This one has it, to 1980's Earth. Sure, this is as much a comedy as an action sci-fi... actually, it is probably mostly comedy, but so was the classic Trouble with Tribbles. They managed to walk the comedy line without mocking the characters and though the story is outrageous, its still fun. Of the 10 trek films, this one is the lightest and most accessible for non-trekkers. It may not be the best trek on my list, but its near the top. Also, this is the the last installment of what I call the Trek Trilogy that began with Khan. I think that those TNG movies would have benefited from a more ambitious multi film arc like this.

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