04 July 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Year: 2008

The Players: That Charlie kid from the new Chocolate Factory (2 of him)

The Take: $71 million

Is this one of those Narnia Movies?: No, those would be the Chronicles of Narnia. These be the Chronicles of Spiderwick.

Why you should see it: This is one of the few fantasy movies of late that doesn't try and be epic. There is no panning scene of armies with trebuchets. There is no epic quest. Its just about a few kids fighting off some little goblins with tomato sauce. The little creatures in the movie are pretty cool like the little Stuart Littleesque Thimbletack - a browni with an affinity for honey. Alos, the movie isnt long enough to over stay its welcome. Surely not a great film, but a fun diversion, especially one that kids can also enjoy.

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