30 July 2008

Star Trek is Officially Cooler Than Star Wars

Remember back in the good ol days when the Ewoks were the worst thing that ever happened to Star Wars. Then came Jar Jar, and now this. The Clone Wars Animated Movie has me baffled. First of all, if this story is really worth telling, then why not put it in the prequel trilogy. I doubt many people would have objected to more of the actual Clone Wars and less trade embargoes and pod racing. How is it that the whole Clone War, one of the most interesting references in the Original Trilogy to what the Prequels had in store, were just skipped over?

Now we are being served up a theatrical CG animated story of when Anakin had a Padawan with a burping frog? WTF? And this animation makes Hoodwinked look like a masterpiece and has no business, in 2008, showing up anywhere outside of a Tic Tac commercial. Is anyone over 3 excited about this? This preview makes me embarrassed to be a Star Wars fan and takes away all of my interest in the upcoming animated series. I would rather wear a Star Trek Data T-Shirt than be caught coming out of this movie, but I am sure Big GL will still make a billion or so off of it and the merchandise. Its a sad day for aspiring Jedi everywhere.


Kurtis said...

This is actually the first three episodes of the upcoming Clone Wars tv series that will air back to back with Wolverine and the X-Men. This is why the CG doesn't look that great, it's tv CG.

Let's also keep in mind that Star Trek had an equally crappy animated series (which I love) in the 70s by Filmation. What made up for the crappy animation was the original voice actors and excellent stories. Let's hope Clone Wars series does the same.

Chip Chief said...

lets hope. at least wolverine and the x-men looks awesome.

Xamda said...

See, what bothers me is that the animated CLONE WARS were brilliant, and I don't really see the point in doing it again in CGI.

Chip Chief said...

the minisodes were awesome, probably because GL wasnt too involved. he probably is trying to prove now that he could do it better.